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02-jun-2012, 03:09
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Siestas en China

China es un país de trabajo duro, tratando de ser el país y la nación más rica y poderosa. Es sólo que a veces tienen que tomar un pequeño descanso de todo ese trabajo.

1Passengers sleep at the waiting hall of a railway station in Wuhu. Stringer China / Reuters

2Construction worker sleeps near construction site in Beijing. Claro Cortes / Reuters

3A traveller sleeps while waiting for his train at the Beijing Railway Station. Claro Cortes / Reuters

4A vendor sleeps on grapefruits at wholesale market in Nanjing. Sean Yong / Reuters

5A labourer sleeps on a tricycle near a red wall beside Tiananmen Square in Beijing. Jason Lee / Reuters

6A man transports quilts that will be recycled as his son sleeps on them in Xiangfan. Stringer Shanghai / Reuters

7A labourer takes a nap at a construction site in Xiangfan. Stringer Shanghai / Reuters

8Passengers sleep at the Beijing West Railway Station. Jason Lee / Reuters

9Paramilitary policemen sleep at a platform of the Guangzhou railway station. Joe Tan / Reuters

10A labourer takes a nap after searching for usable coal at a cinder dump site in Changzhi. Stringer Shanghai / Reuters

11A labourer takes a nap on reinforcement bars at a construction site in Qingdao. Stringer Shanghai / Reuters

12A vendor selling Chinese watermelons takes a nap at a wholesale market in Huaibei. Stringer Shanghai / Reuters

13Rescue miners rest at the site of the flooding accident of Wangjialing Coal Mine in Shanxi province. Jason Lee / Reuters

14A salesman sleeps next to an image of a man with weapons attached to his body at the China International Exhibition on Police Equipment in Beijing. David Gray / Reuters

15A child sleeps on a couch on a flooded street in Chongqing municipality. Stringer Shanghai / Reuters

16A street cleaner sleeps in the back of his tricycle in the northern city of Harbin, Heilongjiang province. David Gray / Reuters

17A worker takes a nap surrounded by ducklings at a duck farm on the outskirts of Jiaxing. Stringer Shanghai / Reuters

18A migrant worker rests his head on his construction hat and a soft-drink bottle as he sleeps in front of a construction site in central Beijing. David Gray / Reuters

19Children of migrant workers sleep on a desk in a classroom at a primary school in Hefei, Anhui province. Jianan Yu / Reuters

20A migrant worker sleeps on the back of his motor tricycle, under a mosquito net with his wife and son, on the pavement of a street in Hefei. Jianan Yu / Reuters

21A chicken vendor lies on a deck chair at a market in Shanghai. ALY SONG/REUTERS

22A labourer naps inside a coil of steel wire at a residential construction site in Hefei. Jianan Yu / Reuters

23A vendor sleeps next his vegetables at a market in Jinan. Aly Song / Reuters

24A vendor takes a nap at her egg stall in a market in Jiaxing. Stringer China / Reuters

25A worker naps inside cement pipes at a construction site in Hefei. Jianan Yu / Reuters

26A labourer rests on piles of plastic bottles at a recycling centre in Jiaxing. Stringer China / Reuters

27A farmer takes a nap in a tent at a mushroom farm in Tongxiang. Stringer China / Reuters

28A man takes a nap beside his umbrella at a Qing dynasty style structure near Shichahai lake during a rainy day in Beijing. Zheyang SooHoo / Reuters

29A Chinese delegate sleeps during the CPPCC in Beijing. Reinhard Krause / Reuters

30Chinese school children sleep during break at private elementary school in Shanghai. Aly Song / Reuters

31A man sleeps atop his tricycle in front of propaganda posters, covering a fence surrounding a construction site, in central Beijing. David Gray / Reuters

32A man sleeps on a park bench with his hand in his pocket in Beijing. David Gray / Reuters

33Watermelon vendor sleeps next to his stall at a market in Changzhi. Stringer China / Reuters

34A security guard sleeps next to stock trading machines at a brokerage house in Taiyuan. Stringer China / Reuters

35A man who collects recyclable materials sleeps next to weighing scales in central Beijing. David Gray / Reuters

36Driver takes nap on a road roller near construction site in Beijing. Christina Hu / Reuters

37Man dozes off in a chair in downtown Shanghai. Aly Song / Reuters

38Parents of freshmen sleep on mats laid out on the floor of a gymnasium inside a university campus in Wuhan. Stringer Shanghai / Reuters

39A vendor naps on bags of pumpkins at a market in Tianjin municipality. Vincent Du / Reuters

40A vender takes a nap on a trunk loaded with piles of cabbage in Nanjing. Jeff Xu / Reuters

41A worker naps on the railway at the construction site of Wuhan North Railway Marshalling Station in Wuhan. Stringer Shanghai / Reuters

42A vendor selling pork takes a nap while waiting for customers at a food market in Taiyuan. Stringer Shanghai / Reuters

43Migrant workers who have collected materials for recycling nap in their carts along a street in Taiyuan. Stringer Shanghai / Reuters

44A man takes a nap in the sun on his motorized tricycle in Beijing. Christina Hu / Reuters

45A vendor who sells tomatoes naps at an open-air market in Changzhi,. Stringer Shanghai / Reuters

46A man selling furniture sleeps atop items for sale at an outdoor market in central Beijing. David Gray / Reuters

47A man takes a nap at a popular tourist area of Houhai in central Beijing. Petar Kujundzic / Reuters

48A worker sleeps at a construction site in Xian village, a slum area in downtown Guangzhou. Siu Chiu / Reuters

49A rag-and-bone man sleeps at an old residence community in central Beijing. Jason Lee / Reuters

50A member of the military band sleeps at the opening plenary session of the Shanghai Municipal People's congress in Shanghai. Carlos Barria / Reuters

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02-jun-2012, 03:17
Que mugrientos algunos jajajajaj durmiendo con la comida! igual aguante la siesta donde sea
02-jun-2012, 11:11
El pobre tipo que saco las fotos no durmio la siesta en un mes para sacar las fotos...mi reconocimiento a su sacrificada labor para que yo desde otro lado me gaste 3 minutos en verlos...honores al sacrificio de ese procer!
02-jun-2012, 16:16
Esa capacidad de poder dormir en cualquier lugar :B
Jack sparrow
02-jun-2012, 16:45
Viendo esto...ahora voy a tomar una siesta!
02-jun-2012, 19:58
No sabia que los chinos dormian
03-jun-2012, 00:43
El problema no es que se duerman en cualquier lado, el tema es que el promedio de vida no llega a los 40 años! Es tristísimo!
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