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Ilustraciones de Ciencia Ficción

Virgil Finlay (American, 1914–71). "Flight to Forever," Super Science story illustration, Nov. 1950

O'Reilly (American, 20th Century). Science Fiction Plus, story illustration

Virgil Finlay, "Jackpot," Galaxy Science Fiction story illustration, Oct. 1956

Richard M. Powers (American, 1921–96). Alpha 6, paperback cover, 1976

Paul Lehr (American, 1930–98). Best SF 73, paperback cover. Acrylic on board.

Julian Krupa (American, 20th Century). Pulp Back Cover Illustration. Watercolor and gouache on board.

Frank R. Paul (American,1884–1963), Science Wonder Stories, pulp cover, Sept. 1929

Virgil Finlay, Masquerade Digest cover, oil on canvas.

Lee Brown Coye (American, 1907–81). Tales of the Cthulhu Mythos, book cover, 1968.

Virgil Finlay, Astrology magazine, story illustration, circa 1950s

Jon Arfstrom (American, 20th Century). The Dark Other, book cover printer's proof, 1950.

Chesley K. Bonestell (American, 1888–1986).
Double Star System - Beta Lyrae, 1978.

Paul Orban (American, 1896-1974). Science Fiction pulp story illustration

Virgil Finlay, Spaceman Science Fiction, book club illustration cover, 1955

Hannes Bok (American, 1914–64). Woman Dancing, story illustration, 1949

Also see this Bok post on But Does it Float

Frank Kelly Freas (American, 1922–-2005).
Astounding Stories (Double Star), story illustration, Feb. 1956

Mahlon Blaine (American, 1894–1969). At the Earth's Core, book illustration, 1962. Ink on paper.

Richard M. Powers, Man of Earth, paperback cover, 1958

A bit earlier: Four covers for Science and Invention, a Gernsback magazine that ran from 1920 to 1931 (check out the long list of his magazines):

Mark at Boing Boing provided the proper subtitle for this one: Portrait of a Blogger in the 1920s

10/4/2011 update: In a comment on the Boing Boing post, DrDave pointed to a post on A Great Disorder featuring these two photos of the actual Isolator:

"The 'Isolator' is designed to help focus the mind when reading or writing, not only by by eliminating all outside noise, but also by allowing just one line of text to be seen at a time through a horizontal slit."

Gahan Wilson (American, b. 1930). The Illustrated Man illustration. Mixed media on paper.


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Odio al viejo q baila donde dice mis aportes jaja, buenas las imagenes(da para prender uno )
juan salvador
12-oct-2011, 05:16
Impresionante locoo!!
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Increibles todas! .. buenisimo ..
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Muy buenas
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Genialesssss te robe varias (:

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Y si... cara de chorras tenés
15-oct-2011, 11:44
Muy buenas, te las voy a robar para mi blog XD
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