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26-mar-2011, 21:59
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DoneRight Jr. - El creador de ChatRoulette Love Song

Días atrás vimos a DarioFlair posteando un excelente Post acerca de un muchacho y su banda interpretando una canción de amor para una desconocida en Chatroulette

Aunque ha perdido gran parte del tirón que le proporcionó el efecto novedad, Chatroulette sigue existiendo. Y aunque con el tiempo se ha incrementado el porcentaje de usuarios que hacen un uso inmoral del sitio, aún hay algunos que exploran sus posibilidades de una forma mucho más ética y estética.

Es el caso de DoneRight Jr, un artista danés protagonista del fenómeno viral del mes. El número está evidentemente preparado, pero no por ello resulta menos sorprendente. Comienza cuando el joven contacta con una chica a través de Chatroulette. Tras pedirle su nombre, le anuncia una dedicatoria muy especial: una canción de amor que interpreta con la compañía de su banda, durante la cual propone a su improvisada invitada una romántica cena e incluso le pide matrimonio. En sólo cuatro días, este vídeo ha recibido cerca de dos millones de visitas

Ahora podemos disfrutar de la Studio iTunes Version de la misma canción, con una calidad de sonido mayor de la que escuchamos anteriormente

- ChatRoulette Love Song by DoneRight Jr -


Rune Iversen (28) and Jeppe Vejs (27)

La Idea
(Dale Play y escuchá el audio original)

Originalmente publicado por Subtitulos by Zantho
Every story about how a viral video comes about is different, most of them are completely by accident. Chatroulette Love Song is the exception to the rule.
Rune explains, “I had recently written my viral video thesis and I decided that I wanted to see if I could do what I claimed was possible in my thesis.”
“I came up with the idea of a love story between two strangers online and I contacted my friend Jeppe and we wrote the song together”

Preparando la idea
(Dale Play y escuchá el audio original)

Originalmente publicado por Subtitulos by Zantho
Think this video was easy to shoot? Try making a video, live, on a webcam, in one shot, with 8 people on screen, moving between 3 rooms, singing a song and integrating the name and image of a random girl into the video that you found out 3 seconds before you started.
Most cinematographers won’t go near one shot scenes. They’re hard and they’re time consuming. A group of amateurs attempting a video like this is almost unthinkable.
“We prepared it for two and a half months” reveals Rune, “There was a lot of effort put into giving each participant as little to do as possible but still completing their tasks”
To complicate things, the star of the video, Mess, couldn’t see Diana, his future wife during the shoot.
“Mess never saw Diana” states Rune, “he looked at a tiny webcam with a microphone taped to it. He saw her briefly at the start but that’s it. He had a lot of work to do”
Not bad for a group of uni students!
Hear exactly how the boys prepped the shoot.

El Secreto para el éxito
(Dale Play y escuchá el audio original)

Originalmente publicado por Subtitulos by Zantho
The exact formula Rune has come up with in his Master’s thesis is complicated. If it works, and it looks like it does, it’s worth its weight in gold.
Rune gives the advice, “make something that gives people a story that they feel. Make people happy, make sure your content is good.”
In the case of Chatroulette Love Song, he reveals that he and Jeppe wrote “a song that people might remember, we tried to find a cute guy and a cute girl and we tried to put stuff in the video so it might be good on repeat viewings as well.”
Little things like Diana’s name being on a place card in the video make you want to watch it again and again to find all the little details that you miss on first viewing.
The final key component of a successful viral video is that it must be genuine.
“Every bit of it is real” notes Rune, “we were on Chatroulette and she came up randomly, after having filmed for about 10 minutes, and we had choreographed it meticulously and we just played the song for her.”
Hear Rune’s full guide to making a successful viral video.

Difundir el video
(Dale Play y escuchá el audio original)

Originalmente publicado por Subtitulos by Zantho
Marketing departments worldwide spend a lot of time working on seeding strategies. Why do they often fail where a couple of 20 something uni students succeeded?
“We had a seeding strategy” explains Rune, “and we followed it and it worked well but our goal was 10,000 views in 2 weeks, 100,000 views in 2 months and we failed miserably”
“I’m active on a website called reddit: the voice of the internet -- news before it happens and I really like that website, I really like what they do on that site. So I knew I wanted to get their attention and if they liked it, other people would like it as well.”
According to Rune, timing is everything, “We started by making sure that that when we uploaded it, it would be around the time that offices opened in America. When people sat down who had office jobs, might check Reddit and perhaps vote it up.”
Targeting and celebrating a particular community, such as Reddit was firmly on Jeppe and Rune’s mind.
“We put the Reddit logo in the background on the wall so they might know that we actually had them in mind when putting the video out”
“We just hoped that we could home in on who is actually watching this and we would focus our efforts on that particular group. That never happened because suddenly it was just everywhere. It’s amazing, it’s not our video anymore, it’s everybody’s”
Hear the full rundown on how the video was seeded.

Fue un negocio?
(Dale Play y escuchá el audio original)

Originalmente publicado por Subtitulos by Zantho
There are plenty of people making viral hits out of their bedrooms. There are barely any sitting in corporate offices achieving the same success.
Is it possible for a business to create a successful viral video? Rune firmly thinks they can but they should tread carefully.
Rune advises viral marketing hopefuls, “Don’t deceive people. Don’t make it out to be something that it’s not. Look at the amazing Old Spice videos, it’s not false, they’re really trying to give you the viewer something that makes you go wow.”
Rune continues, “The best viral videos, even the best branded viral videos, just want to give you an experience, an experience you want to share and not necessarily come away with [the feeling] oh I need to buy a car.”
Hear more of Rune’s thoughts on creating a successful viral video as part of a marketing campaign.

El Futuro
(Dale Play y escuchá el audio original)

Originalmente publicado por Subtitulos by Zantho
Rune and Jeppe have been getting a lot of attention since Chatroulette Love Song went live.
How are they going to capitalise on their newfound fame? Rune surprisingly says, “we’re not going to capitalise on it, we’re making a video to make people smile. We might become a YouTube partner where people can click on a commercial on the site. We might record the song and make it available for download but we don’t want to make money off of it.”
Why? “There are just so many horrible things going on with the news” responds Rune “the fact that we know that we’ve made, so far, half a million people smile is all we need.”
After proving that he’s got what it takes, will Rune kick start his career in creating viral marketing campaigns? “Hopefully” says Rune “it’s my passion, it’s what I’m dreaming of doing. At the moment I’m unemployed and I’m enjoying being at home with my little son and girlfriend. I want to work with it but the family life is really appealing too.”

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26-mar-2011, 23:06

Aguante zantho!!
27-mar-2011, 01:18
Jaja gracias loco!
C Walk
27-mar-2011, 02:34
Que groso para escribir toda la letra!!!...

No dice?

There's one thing i've got to tell you aha

Pero igual te re sarpaste aparte que me encanto la cancion cuando la escuche me gusta
27-mar-2011, 13:50
Jajaja un grande
27-mar-2011, 15:02
Muy completo, lástima que hoy no tengo ganas de leer en inglés xD
27-mar-2011, 20:03
q posteo qliao!...
Juega como el barza (? jjaja
27-mar-2011, 22:19
muy bueno che!
aparte la canción ta genial xD
un detalle nomas, en la letra que vos pusiste, hay un par de "need"s que en realidad son "have"s, fijate
Me gusta
28-mar-2011, 12:11
que bueno esto man,
me gusta

Apuntalos que te los dejo de golpe de mi casa
28-mar-2011, 21:37
Ya entiendo por qué criticás todos los post, o la mayoría. Pero pretender que todos tengan tanta calidad como este es como pedirle a Zambayonni que deje la paja.
29-mar-2011, 16:47
JJAJAJA... solo pido un minimo esfuerzo
04-abr-2011, 21:49
Es un tieeeerrrrrnnnnnooooooo
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